Yoga Workshops with Daniel Strausser

Friday 29th June - Sunday 1st of July 2018

The Ancient Way Of Yoga In Modern Life

On the ancient way of Yoga we appriciate the human body as a sacred temple, in which the divine energy of the universe rests dormant, beyond our mind and normal state of consciousness. As Yogis we use asana, pranayama and other methodologies to awaken spiritually by becoming aware of this energy and channel it into higher funtioning. This gives us health, peace of mind and spiritual awareness.

The purpose of this workshop to shed light on this ancient path in both theory and practice.

Daniel has followed this methodology for 20 years in order to evolve physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. He teaches all aspects of asana, mudra, bandha, pranayama and meditation, as well as theory on how to live a yogic life in todays modern world. He has inspired many asana-oriented yogis to evolve their practice into a deeper consciousnessexpanding experience that involve all aspect of Yoga science.

The workshop will teach you proper energy management through simple physical and meditation techniques that can be followed by anyone. Therefore you need not be slim, young or flexible to join the workshop even if it is intended for yoga teachers and aspirants familiar with modern postural yoga. Regardless if you are a novice or teacher, the weekend is sure to leave you inspired with practical tools to deepen your practice. It is open to all, but it is assumed that everyone can do a sun-salutation, some basic asanas and sit straight with crossed legs for 15 minutes. 

The whole workshop cost 175€. If there is space available You can also join a single session, but you can not join a class if you have not taken the previous ones!

• 45 € | Fri 18:30-21:00

• 50 € | Sat 09:00-12:00

• 50 € | Sat 15:00-18:00

• 50 € | Sun 09: 00-12:00

Welcome to a weekend that will provide you with techniques to further yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Practicing with Daniel is sure to broaden your perspective and inspire you to dive deeper into yoga as a way of living!

Day Time Activity

Friday 18:30-21:00 Introduction with theory and practice. All welcome.

Saturday 09:00-12:00 Part 1

Saturday 15:00-18:00 Part 2 (open to those participating in Part 1)

Sunday 09:00-12:00 Part 3 (open to those participating in Parts 1 & 2)



If you want to join, please sent an email to Romanie Noordegraaf at Tell us if you want to take one or more workshops or you want to join the whole weekend. Make a 50 euro deposit on NL51 INGB 0007 2583 88 to guarrantee your reservation. You will hand over the rest of the fee to Daniel at the first workshop in a envelop with your name on it. Please do bring three flowers and three pieces of fruit to offer and share.